As a leading global management agency of block chain industrial risk investment and assets, Hash Capital business involves in risk investment, consulting research and asset management. We pay close attention to every move of innovation in the field of science and technology and business changes brought by them. Investment areas include artificial intelligence, big data, block chain and other frontier technologies. Based on integration of entrepreneurial investment, and management experience from our management team, we could provide all-round support to those star-ups.
Hash Capital's investment direction in the area of block chain includes block chain infrastructure, application protocols, intelligent contracts, financial services, digital identity, social games, distributed data, AI and so on. Hash Capital has formed a comprehensive coverage of the block chain ecosystem. In the field of secondary market investment, Hash Capital, in collaboration with the world's top AI teams, integrates large data processing programs and in-depth learning algorithms through an intelligent quantitative analysis engine to build a unique quantitative investment strategy to serve investors in the digital asset industry.

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